Traffic Law

Traffic Law

At The Law Office of Christopher C. Shambo we have a great deal of experience in handling traffic law, including DUI/DWI and speeding tickets. If you have been issued a ticket or court summons for a traffic violation, we can help!

Areas of traffic law that we have experience with include:

New York DMV Point System

When you violate a traffic law, you receive points on your license. Points are added to your license after you are convicted of the crime. These points will reset after 18 months, but if you receive over 11 points within that year and a half span of time, you may have your license suspended in New York and will be required to pay additional fees.

If you have violated a traffic law and are not aware of how many points you received on your license, this list of the most common traffic violations will likely show you what you need to pay New York.

3 Point Violations

  • Fleeing an accident resulting in the damage of property or injury of an animal
  • Failure to obey child safety restraint regulations
  • Failure to recognize a stop sign or other traffic sign

4 Point Violations

  • Failure to keep a safe following distance
  • Going over the speed limit – 11 to 20 mph

5 Point Violations

  • Reckless operation of a vehicle
  • Texting while Driving
  • Passing a school bus

6 Point Violations & Beyond

  • Going 21 to 30 mph over the speed limit – 6 Points
  • Going 31 to 40 mph over the speed limit  – 8 Points
  • Going 40 mph or higher over the speed limit – 11 Points

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies tend to charge drivers with points on their driving record higher amounts, due to the higher chance that high-risk drivers will make an insurance claim. Receiving a DWI/ DUI/ DWAI will cause your insurance rate to go through the roof. This will limit your ability to choose a low cost insurance provider, and may lead to a cancellation of your current policy. Keep in mind that insurance companies are notified whenever a policy holder receives a DWI/ DUI/ DWAI, and this notification categorizes you as an extremely high risk client.